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I think my maternal Uncle Warren “Dutch” Gresham was on the Leopoldville, and he did survive. His sister, my mother, served as a commissioned officer in the Marine Corps Womens’ Reserve and was stationed at Marine Corps HQ during the war. His brother Wayne Gresham was also in the Army.

My mother told me that he’d been on a troop carrier that had been torpedoed in the North Sea or the English Channel during WW II.

Just tonight I found a letter my grandmother wrote saying that he’d been on a troop carrier that was torpedoed on Christmas Eve of 1944 and when I did some Googling – I found this site.

Does anyone know if there still exist ship manifest for the men on board that night? Does anyone know if any combat ribbons or medals were ever awarded for this incident to any of the survivors?

Thank you for any insight anyone can offer. I may not check back to this forum very often but I can be reached at the e-mail address below.

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Kathleen O’Brien Blair
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