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ann hurtuk

To Mary wallis Balin, thank you for your reply to me. My uncle, jim coen, I am sure worked diligently saving lives, comforting many etc. He was one of the troops medics and graduated or attended fordam university. He was going to become a priest. He was a very holy man. His pastor at Holy Cross Church on w 42nd st. NY city, was the famous fr. duffy of world war one, jim was 17 when fr. duffy died and fr duffy gave him his gold watch for his education. Jim would of turned 100 this month. My mom was suspicious, she worked in the pentagon, and finally found someone to spill out the truth. So I knew all my life about the leopoldville and my ritual from childhood was always to pray Christmas eve for all who died on this ship. Religiously I put this as high priority EVERY Christmas eve since I was about age ten. Sometimes had dreams of all thanking me. This year, 2015, will be no exception