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Yes it’s here in my copy of “Leopoldville A Tragedy Too Long Secret” by Allan Andrade. Page 305 lists 10 casualties from MN. Cushman, Glenn L. Pfc., Company I, 262nd Regiment, Minneapolis is there. Also when possible the author has a capital M-missing or never recovered, F for buried in France, or R for remains returned to the USA. There is no letter specifying which in your uncle’s case. My dad survived and was hospitalized before returning to NJ and was decorated with a purple heart. The book is available on amazon. It’s a heart breaking story, but an important part of our history. I never knew what happened exactly but I knew my dad struggled with his memories of thar night til he passed away in 1983. It wasnt until I read this book that I realized how many were lost that night as well as the secrecy that surrounded the event. Hope this helps some. Stay well. Diane