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    Good morning to all!
    I’m a member of Flowers of Memory for two years and me and my girlfriend Deborah, we have adopted, among others, two soldiers who were on board of the Leopoldville.
    They are:

    James L Falci

    STATE: New York
    RANK: Private
    UNIT: 66th Infantry Division, 262nd Infantry Regiment

    Chester B Simmons Jr

    STATE: Texas
    RANK: Private
    UNIT: 66th Infantry Division, 264th Infantry Regiment

    First of all I want to tell you that for us it’s an honor to remember and honor them.
    As soon as we can, we go to Normandy American Cemetery of Colleville sur Mer to put flowers and honor their sacrifice.
    We live in the north west of Italy and Colleville it’s about 1.300km from us…

    I just joined this site and I hope, through you, to learn more about the Leopoldville disaster and maybe have some more information on “my” two soldiers.

    Thank you

    Allan Andrade

    There is a photo of Pvt. Chester Simmons on the In Memoriam page (Q-T) of this web site.
    Pvt. Falci from Buffalo, NY was assigned to Company F, 3rd platoon, 262nd regiment, 66th Infantry division. There were 4 survivors from his platoon of which 3 were hospitalized. No bodies from his platoon were recovered. The body of Pvt. Falci was among the 25 from his platoon never found.

    Allan Andrade
    Leopoldville disaster author/historian

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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