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Allan Andrade

Pvt. Isadore Turisk was assigned to Company C, 3rd platoon, 264th Regiment, 66th Infantry Division. There were 33 survivors from his platoon of which 8 were hospitalized. There were 3 bodies from his platoon recovered. The body of Pvt. Turisk was among the 4 bodies from his platoon never found. Stats indicate he made it off the ship & either drowned or froze to death in the 48 degree waters of the English Channel. Stats are from my copy of the National archives official army Leopoldville casualty lists prepared on 12/29/1944 & 01/05/1945. His name is listed in the In Memoriam pages of my book, Leopoldville: A Tragedy Too Long Secret, on page 312.

Allan Andrade
Leopoldville disaster author/historian