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My father was on the Leopoldville and was one of the survivors. His name is Thomas E. Wallis. He is now 96 and I’m happy to say still alive. When younger he and my mother would attend the Panther reunions. He wouldn’t talk about this until the late 80’s or 90’s. Partially because of the secrecy they were sworn to, and partially because it caused him so much grief. It was a source of stress in my mother and father’s marriage for many years. My mother always said my father was a different man when he came home from Europe and once he started to speak of the that unforgettable night, it was better understood. My father saved many men that night pulling them out of the water onto a tug (as he describes it). He was fortunate because he was on the top deck when the torpedo hit and a strong swimmer. He always has felt he should have been able to save more men. I am glad I have been able to hear the stories of that night from him in recent years. I wish I would have known about the 70th anniversary commemoration. I don’t think my father was aware of it. Not that he could have attended. We live in CA and he was 95 at the time. I am sure of those that did survive, there aren’t too many of these brave men left to tell the story.