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    A friend of mine made a dive on the wreck of the Leopoldville. For a facebook group ” VRIENDEN VAN DE KOOPVAARDIJ, (FRIENDS OF THE MERCHANT NAVY) and a reunion of “old” merchant navy palls they asked me to make a little video of his video footage. As the video footage of the underwater action was not enough (they only did one dive because a diver of their group died during diving), I went in search of extra information and possible story lines and came across your fantastic website and used some information of it.
    I was shocked by what happend that night and of the fact that there is so little known about the disaster in this part of the world. After all these people sacrificed their lives for our freedom of thinking.
    I decided it should become a tribute.
    The Leopoldville was part of a whole group of so called “VILLEBOATS” of the CMB (COMPAGNIE MARITIME BELGE).
    I tried to make a little storyline out of it en thought it would be nice to share it with your group.
    Unfortunately it’s in ” the Flemish” language, but de video footage speaks for itself.
    If however there is interest for an English version, I see if I can find some time to fix that and share it with you.
    Hereby the link:

    Kind regards and thank you.

    Geert Daelman



    Thank you for sending you Leopoldville story line, it is much appreciated.

    We do have interest in an English version since we can better understand your story line.

    Thank you again for remembering the Leopoldville tragedy.

    Don Nigbor



    Sorry That your name was changed in my last message.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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